1 Cakes & Louie: March 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you

Well friends, today is the day. Our precious, magical, amazing 9-oh-6 will no longer be ours in a few short hours. I am surprisingly LESS emotional than I thought I would be, but that definitely doesn't mean I haven't cried. I did ok until we were leaving yesterday when I broke down a little bit, and then I decided to stop back over there this morning to take some more photos and say my final goodbyes and THAT was tough. Probably not my smartest move ever considering I had to head straight to work from there, but I think in the long run I'll be grateful I did it.

We quite literally put our blood, sweat and tears into this house over the last 5 and a half years. We got engaged in this house. And then planned and crafted our entire wedding in it. We got buddy Louie in this house. We threw a million parties that resulted in a million pictures that will never see the light of day ;). We hosted guests whenever possible. Manda stayed over so often that everyone knew the guest room was actually her room, and referred to it as such. We created so many incredible stories from our house with dinners and campfires and parties and sleepovers and pancake breakfasts and craft nights and everything in between... and I am so SO thankful for it all. Our first house has blessed us with more memories than I could have ever imagined, and I will miss it immensely.

My mom keeps reminding me that we are on to bigger and better things. As usual, I know she's right, but it's tough to take it to heart when I'm hurting. I sort of feel like I just got dumped and even though I know it was for the best I'm still second guessing it all. I know today will be tough (thankfully, I don't have to go to the closing), but I also know that we will take all of the memories with us and make even more new ones at our new house.

Oh, and speaking of that... we DID find a new house! And it is FANTASTIC. I will post pictures here once things are a bit more final, because right now there's still a lot that needs to happen for it to all go through. We will hopefully be doing our inspections this week, and if all goes as planned we are scheduled to close May 6th.

Lots and lots happening around here folks. And thanks to a new fixer-upper I'm sure I'll have lots and lots to blog about, too!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Friends, I clearly haven't done a fantastic job of keeping up with this blog. Truth be told, I've been feeling super uninspired and generally at a total loss for what to even write about. If you've been reading along over the last couple of months you know that we sold our house... but unfortunately we haven't found a new one yet, which is making it extra hard for me to be excited about what's next. If I'm being totally honest, I've spent a lot of time in the last month wishing something would randomly happen that would make all of this just... go away... and we could keep our adorable little house and pretend that none of this ever happened. I've thrown myself into packing - since I need to do that whether I like it or not - in an attempt to take my mind off of the fact that in just 2 weeks, my house won't be my house anymore, and we really and truly have no idea what's to come.

What I do know is that I get to go through all of this with Dan, who is an absolute Godsend. I know that my mom is doing our closing which means that all the legal complicated contract stuff hasn't been the least bit stressful for me, which is so insanely appreciated I can't even begin to explain it. I know that we get to go and live with my Gramma after we close in exactly 2 weeks, and she has been working tirelessly to get a bedroom with an empty dresser AND closet ready for us, which is again, incredibly appreciated and such a huge weight off my shoulders. I know that we are working with realtors who have quickly become awesome friends and will show us house after house after house without a single complaint until we find the ONE. And I know that whether I believe it completely right at this minute or not... we have great things ahead.