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Friday, June 22, 2012

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Happy almost-weekend, friends! I've got a big one ahead of me - my brother-in-law is getting married tomorrow! I am so, SO excited about Ryan and Nikki's big day, and cannot wait to see some of my favorite extended family members. Sunday morning I am leaving for my first of two summer service trips, and while I have a ton to do before we go, I am insanely anxious and giddy about it. My sister and one of my very best friends are joining me (among others) to go and volunteer at a preschool helping with some gardening and their summer camp program. It's going to be an amazing week. I absolutely love spending my time with people like those we always seem to encounter on service trips - people who haven't had it easy, who have often been dealt a pretty crappy hand, who have so few possessions and struggle to buy groceries for their families - yet they are happy, lively dreamers who love God and see the good in everyone and every situation. It is an honor to work with the people we do, and selfishly - it's awesome to be so impacted and inspired by them in just one short week. 

Until July!...

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