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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The View

I feel like all I've blogged lately is excuses for why I'm not blogging... and looking back on my last several posts, I can't deny that fact. My latest excuse? I am just so. darned. tired. With the new job, I now have to leave the house every day at the time I used to wake up, which for a sleep-lover like myself has been quite the adjustment. I of course have yet to learn to go to bed earlier to balance out getting up earlier, but I'll get there. Maybe.

I'm adjusting much better at the new job this week thanks to being healthy again, and I am loving that I spend hours every day talking about printing techniques, paper, illustrations and design. The work itself is SO up my alley, and now that I'm getting to know some people I'm feeling a million times better about leaving Upshot to go somewhere where I didn't know a soul. I still miss my Upshot friends like woah, but I'm also excited for the new opportunities and new friendships that are ahead of me.

And get this, my desk is next to 2 giant windows. I can see SUNLIGHT. During the day! I still have to bring in a few goodies from my old desk to spruce up my space a bit, but I couldn't be happier to be by a window.

I found out over Thai food today that half of my department read this little blog here before I started last week, so this is for them:  So far, I like every single one of you. For real. But I'll keep you posted on if there's someone I decide I don't like, per our lunch conversation today ;).

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