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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tufted and Navy and Beautiful, oh my

Emily Henderson's ridiculous, amazing, incredible sense of design just slays me. Every. Single. Time. I adore her. And she recently posted a master bedroom makeover that literally had me drooling when I laid eyes on it. Major MAJOR inspiration for my next bedroom here folks. And by "inspiration" I obviously mean "totally knocking this off as closely as possible the second I have a new bedroom".

I have to have that bed. I mean, I HAVE to. I have daydreams about a curling up in a beautiful tufted kingsize bed on a regular basis, and the fact that this one is a stunning navy AND HAILS FROM TARGET is seriously just absolute perfection. And can't you just picture my awesome new faux fur throw at the foot of the bed? I can't get over it. And the campaign nightstands with those gold geometric lamps?? I'm obsessed. 

In other news, as long as I can work out the timing, I will soon be the proud owner of this adorable little settee for a whopping $20 -

Tell me that wouldn't look stunning reupholstered in a funky pattern or a gray linen for a sweet little sitting area in that dream master bedroom?!? It's meant to be.

Anyone want to buy a charming little 3 bedroom house in a fantastic location?? I'm ready for a blank slate.

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