1 Cakes & Louie: Knockoff: Polka Dot Chambray

Friday, September 14, 2012

Knockoff: Polka Dot Chambray

I'm super excited with the fact that there seems to be a rush of polka dotted items in the lineups for many of my favorite store's Fall lines. I kicked off the season's shopping with Bridget the other night with a quick trip to the Old Navy and Gap stores right by our houses, and snatched up a new polka dot chambray shirt to pair with all of my colored skinny jeans in the cooler weather ahead.

J.Crew has a nearly identical shirt for a ridiculous $88, and thanks to a coupon I got mine from Old Navy for less than $20. Maybe it's the fact that I thoroughly enjoy a good steal on an item I love, get a thrill out of using a coupon, or simply make less money than other women, but I flat out do not understand why anyone would ever buy ONE shirt for $88 when they could get the exact same style for a fraction of the cost. Love me a good deal!

And speaking of polka dots, I cannot WAIT to try this insanely simple DIY that's sweeping the blogosphere. I've got 3 identical pairs of dark skinny jeans from Forever 21 that ran me a whopping $10.50 apiece, so thanks to inspiration from The Average Girl's Guide I will be tackling a pair with some bleach just as soon as I do some laundry :).


  1. Old Navy has polka dot capris that are work appropriate only available online.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my polka dot skinnies on your gorgeous blog! And, nice work on the Old Navy deal. I've been debating that chambray... so cute for fall.

  3. Maybe just MAYBE this will make my ill-fitting maternity jeans just a a little cuter!! Thanks for the inspiration my dear!