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Monday, December 3, 2012

Brass & Gold

I'm sure I'm the last blogger in the world to hear about High Street Market, but boy am I in love. I stumbled on it via Pinterest, and immediately browsed through the entire site looking at all the goodies. As with a lot of other shops I've found and fallen for, their little random knick-knacks are much more in my budget range than their pillows, throws and small furniture (like bar carts and end tables... swoon). I have yet to figure out where people get $100 to drop on a pillow for the couch, but I digress because there are plenty of other little goodies from High Street Market that I'm loving.

As I went through the site and started to pick out some favorites, I realized that most everything I loved was brass or gold. While this isn't a huge surprise to me lately, it's interesting how things change - as early as just a year ago I couldn't stand anything gold, and gravitated towards silvers tones. Now, I find myself adding little touches of gold throughout our home on a regular basis, and wouldn't mind any of these items being added in as well.

gold rope wall hooks (three of these would look amazing in my hallway, just saying)

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