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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding... Invitations

Eek! We finished up Bridget and Aris' wedding invitations last week and now that we know they've gone through the mail to guests I'm extra excited to share them here!

I've mentioned before how calm and collected Bridget has been as a bride, and these invitations were no exception. I put together ONE design on a whim when I was home sick with the flu, and she totally loved it and said "let's go with it" the next day. Easiest design client EVER. And, when there were a couple of setbacks during printing I was probably more of a bridezilla than Bridget ever was through the whole process, so props to her for keeping the cool all along! 

I wanted the invitations to reflect how I feel about Bridget and Aris and how I see them as a couple - they're fun and laid-back, but also really kind of stylish and put together and classy. So I did things like use a super pretty font to say quirky things like "Best Day Ever" on the main card and "Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, and lots of delicious beer" on the RSVP. Overall, I had a ton of fun with this project.

The "something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed" on the hang tag was Bridget's idea, and I think we both agree that these punched-out pieces were the perfect finishing touch to the whole suite.

Since guests only get one invitation in the mail nobody will really know that we used lots of different patterned paper for the thick belly bands, but that is hands down my favorite part of the whole invitation. We were originally going to use solid ash gray sheets for the belly bands to match the envelopes and I am SO glad we came up with the idea to use scrapbook sheets in varying patterns instead. It keeps the overall feel of the invitations bright and fun. The patterns will carry through in Bridget's reception decorations in several ways, and I'm brainstorming how to incorporate them into the programs I'm designing as well. 

Without wanting to share all of the details of the big day on the internet for everyone to see, here's one shot of the whole suite. The four small cards and a matching RSVP envelope were all stacked behind the main piece and held together with the belly band.

I couldn't be happier with how the invitations turned out, and I hope Bridget, Aris and their families are as excited about them as I am!


  1. These are SO awesome! You totally have a career in wedding invitations girl!!

  2. These are way fun! What does the text say on the invite itself? Like, is it from the parents requesting your presence? The bride and groom? Hate trying to figure that out on this kind of stuff...

    1. Thanks! The text just has the bride and groom's names and "request the honor of your presence at the celebration of their marriage". From what I've learned, the wording should reflect who is paying for the wedding - so if the bride's parents are paying, then you say something like "Mr & Mrs Jones request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter...", but if the bride & groom are paying themselves, then they are technically the ones inviting guests, so no need for parent names!

      I am available for freelance work if you are looking for a designer - just shoot me an email!

  3. These look great!!! Nice work, Kel!

  4. These look great!! Nice work, Kel!

  5. These are beautiful and I love the look, especially the bright yellow but I'm not sure about the text. Are the wedding colors black and yellow? SO FUN!! Does it say anything about love? Eternal happiness? I don't want to sound rude. It's like they are focused all on looks and the party because I see stuff about fun, booze, cake, and how beatiful the couple is but nothing about love and stuff. Ya know? Maybe the front says that and I'm just not seeing it. Don't want to judge b/c they are super cute!!! :D