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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take a Hike

As mentioned yesterday, the hubby and I are going to take a little detour to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days before our family Vegas trip. We're definitely not major outdoorsy people or anything, so I'm expecting a couple of short hikes and lots of sightseeing and picture taking while we're at the Grand Canyon. I would REALLY love to catch a sunrise or sunset as well, which I'm fairly certain would be completely and totally breathtaking.

Since we won't be taking any of the super long or difficult hikes, I think our "essentials" are pretty basic. Lots of water, comfy clothes and a simple first aid kit for when I inevitably trip and fall on a stray stick or rock. :)

Clockwise from top left:
GapFit Zip-up Hoodie (these are ALWAYS at the Outlet for half the price)  |  Oil-free Sunscreen  |  Camelbak Hydration Pack (I just saw a similar version at Costco for $29.99!)  |  J&J Travel First Aid Kit  |  lululemon No Slip Headband  |  Champion Running Tank  |  Champion Shorts

Am I missing anything? Any recommendations for which hikes to take in the Grand Canyon? I found a great PDF guide on their website with tons of options, but we're starting from scratch as we've never been there so any advice anyone has would be great!


  1. SHOES! Light hikers. We tromped all over Italy in our Merrells... best shoes ever!

  2. Good place to start! I'd review the ten essentials: http://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/ten-essentials.html

    I'd recommend customizing that first aid kit. Most don't come with meds (you'll want tylenol, benadryl, ibuprofen), and many don't have a brace or wrap for sprains or a tweezers for splinters. I also recommend duct tape for blisters over most commercial products. Wrap some around a water bottle and then you can peel it off if you need to protect your feet.

  3. SHOES!!!!!! boots, I guess...