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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If I had a Million Dollars... or $275

In a stroke of pure luck that generally skips me right over, I won $275 in my office Super Bowl squares on Sunday! With 11 seconds left in the game Dan looked at the sheet and said "Um, honey, if they get a safety you'll win $200!" To which I replied, "What's a safety?" He explained the play enough for me to understand that there was an actual possibility that I could win, and those last 11 seconds of the game were just about the most nerve-racking moments I've ever had watching a sporting event. And, believe it or not, a safety was exactly what happened, and after checking the sheet a good 5 times just to be TOTALLY sure, I was jumping around the living room squealing about winning the "final score" $200 pot.

Then I checked my other square just for kicks and realized I had the exact same numbers (4 & 1) in reverse... which meant I also won the $75 "reverse of the final score" pot. Leave it to the chick with NO clue about football to win big. It was awesome.

So, I obviously immediately started to think about all of the fun things I could buy with $275 (well, $265 since the squares cost me $5 a piece). And considering there's a few specific items that are a bit expensive (at least for me) that I've been swooning over for quite some time, I have big plans to splurge and spend that money good and quick. While the hubs probably thinks this is a bit pitiful, a work friend pointed out that winnings like this are the perfect excuse to treat myself to some personal indulgences. So shop I will!

Left to right:

I guess I shouldn't call this "Pick Two" since I already know one item I am buying for sure. I am 100% getting a Clarisonic with my winnings! I've been wanting one for years and everyone I know that has one swears by it. I'm hoping that this will make a noticeable difference in my problem skin, and can't wait to try it out.

That leaves the Longchamp Le Pliage tote versus some classic Uggs. Honestly, I think both are insanely overpriced, but that doesn't make me want them any less. The Uggs would be perfect for freezing Chicago winters, but the tote is such a versatile bag that I'm definitely considering it. But again, the price on both just bugs me. Which would you choose?


  1. The bag! They last FOREVER and there is no care. With the Uggs you have to make sure they stay nice looking.

  2. Ditto...the BAG- they do last forever and are always in style...do it! :)

  3. uggs are out--do the bag! just clicked on your link to your blog, tooooo cute! -Nadia

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